WANTED:  Caring people to adopt loving pets!

Tooter_2395 copyTooter has one of those funny faces you just can’t help but love! His pug mix breed can be credited for that. He may come off a bit growly and disgruntled, but behind that nervous facade, he’s nothing but snuggles and kisses! He already comes with a pretty good set of manners and will sit immediately when asked. Tooter doesn’t have too much excess energy to burn, but as with any canine, sure appreciates playtime and walks! He is partially housebroken but a strict potty schedule in his home should do the trick. Tooter gets along with other dogs and won’t mind sharing his owner. This little guy will do best in a calm home where surprises are kept to a minimum. Spend some quality time with our two-year-old Tooter and get to know his sweeter side!

11HollyLittle Ms. Holly is a gorgeous one year old kitten. Her calico coat is long, silky, and always well groomed. She keeps up appearances, knowing her new family could pop in at any time. In our busy cat room, Holly is comparatively reserved, staying hidden from view in ‘her’ corner, or choosing to spend the day in the comfort of her kennel. She isn’t so fond of running into cats everywhere she turns, so she avoids the situations as much as possible. Once you give Holly some TLC, she is an absolute sweetheart! She adores affection, gently butting her head for some petting. Holly needs to find a cozy barn to live in as opposed to a house. She promises to keep the mice away! Come meet this sweet little girl!

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