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WANTED:  Caring people to adopt loving pets!

Chelsea is a very sweet four-year-old Labrador Retriever mix
. Like most dogs, she loves long walks, plenty of attention, quick dips in the water, and of course, treats. She is a moderately energetic lady and will need an owner who can meet her exercise needs. Once out of her kennel, she gets along well with strangers. We are unsure whether or not Chelsea would do well in a home with cats, but she can get along with the right dog. Chelsea is partially housebroken and will require some work in that area. She has a history of jumping four foot high fences and escaping so she will need a yard with a high fence. She knows basic commands, such as sit and down. Chelsea would fit in well with an active family or individual wanting a lovable companion.

RancherIf you’re looking for a laid back guy to greet you when you come home and fill an empty space in your window sill, Rancher is the cat for you. Upon arriving at the shelter, Rancher was very frightened, glaring at staff from his cage with those big green eyes. Now that he has settled in, he couldn’t be more content, (unless he had a home to call his own, of course). Staff loves the goofy sideways shuffle he uses to rub up against them for some morning chin scratches. Rancher is only two years old and would be the perfect addition to just about any household.



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