WANTED:  Caring people to adopt loving pets!

Charcoal_2907Gazing from his kennel with a pair of big sad eyes, Charcoal just begs to be taken home! He is a four-year-old Pitt Bull Terrier who is anything but sad. Charcoal becomes instant best friends with anyone he meets; dogs, cats, and humans of course. He would love to spend his days playing, trotting around a yard while a giant rope toy dangles from his mouth. Charcoal can be a bit rowdy, but our dog walkers are working hard to diminish his negative behaviors. He will require an assertive, experienced owner to continue this work. Though Charcoal gets along with other dogs, he might be too much for some to handle. Charcoal is a little rough around the edges, but with plenty of training could make a fantastic companion!


MsGrumpyMs. Grumpy Pants is a two-year-old Tortoiseshell who’s personality is far from grumpy. She got her name from the occasional harmless grumble she makes while being petted. Grumpy is intimidated by our room full of cats, preferring to stay in the comfort of her own cage. She loves whatever human attention she can get, coming right to her cage door when someone approaches. Ms. Grumpy Pants is a pretty little girl with a funny frowny face. Stop by and give her some loving!

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