WANTED:  Caring people to adopt loving pets!

Colton is a two-year-old black Boxer/possibly Labrador Retriever mix. He may seem a little nervous and loud, but it doesn’t take long for Colton to show you he has love for you. He gets along ok with other dogs but would do best in a home with no cats. Colton likes to stand up and give hugs, enjoys walks and loves kids. He is totally housebroken.  He came in with Pita, a Dachshund/Pomeranian mix, and is very gentle and protective of her.  He loves his girl and will follow her off leash if you’re walking her on leash.  They would prefer to go to the same home but can be adopted separately.

CammieCammie is a five-year-old shorthaired dilute tortoiseshell.  She isn’t as shy as was when she first came in, but is still a little “reserved”.   Whenever you go to pet her, she lies on her back and wants her chubby belly rubbed.  She can tolerate the other cats, but definitely needs a home with no other pets.  It may take a few days for her to get used to a new home, but the wait will be well worth it.  She doesn’t seem to want to play so a home with no children would be perfect.  She does like to look out the window, but shows no sign of wanting to go outdoors.  She’s a sweetie!!!!


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