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Ellie10Ellie is a one-year-old Gordon Setter, Retriever mix. She is a large dog who will need a lot of exercise or yard to run in. Ellie is a very happy girl that does great with other dogs and cats. She is such a sweet, friendly girl who loves playing with toys. Ellie is housebroken and would be the perfect addition to any dog loving family.


IceAre you wanting an older cat who has all four paws declawed?  Are you looking for one who requires little attention?  Well, if so Ice is the cat for you. She is a nine-year-old gray and chocolate Siamese. She was abandoned last September and is desperate for a loving home. When she is out of her cage, she spends all day up on the shelf above the cat cages. The ENTIRE area is HERS! Ice chases away any cat gets up there, from one end to the other. She protects what she feels is hers. Saying that means she cannot be in a home with other pets, and most likely not any children. Ice needs a quiet home when she can breathe easy and not have to worry about a cat invading her space. She is a beautiful cat and loves to be around people. Don’t you have it in your heart to come up and see how wonderful she can be? 

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