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Updated Wish List

Wish List



  • Cat Litter:
    • High quality (non dusty/preferably wood pellets).
  • Entertainment/Stress Relief:
    • Cat-proof CD players (for stress-reducing music in our cat rooms). Relaxation DVD’s that would attract and entertain cats in our adoption room (fish swimming, birds singing, etc.)
  • Kitten Food:
    • Canned human tuna & chicken, jars of chicken baby food, and baby rice cereal
    • Milk replacer
  • Treats/Toys:
    • Catnip/Treats
    • Cat trees, scratching posts & condos, toys
    • FroliCat Laser Toy (interactive laser toy) for cats
  • Other:
    • Feliway diffusers
    • Kitty herbs and grasses planted in containers for our outdoor cat exercise area
    • Stainless steel food/water bowls
    • Cage hanging food/water bowls
    • beds


  • Collars/Harnesses:
    • DAP collars & diffusers for dogs – for stressed animals
    • Buckle collars for dogs (16″ – 22″ and 18″ – 24″)
    • Gentle Leader Harnesses (large and extra-large sizes)
  • Interactive Food Toys
    • Kibble Nibble, Atomic Treat Ball, Tricky Treat Ball, Tug-A-Jug, Kong Wobble or Buster Cube.
  • Puppy Food:
    • Milk replacer
  • Food/Treats:
    • Chew bones, rawhide bones, large Kong toys, and lots of dog treats
    • Canned pumpkin (not pie filling)
  • Kennels/Crates:
    • Large and extra-large collapsible/moveable wire dog crates
    • Portable exercise pens, 48” high
  • Other:
    • Stainless steel food/water bowls
    • Poop bags



  • Heavy duty sewing scissors
  • Tall laundry baskets with wheels
  • Heavy duty brooms, dust mops and dustpans
  • Commercial-grade mop buckets on wheels
  • Towels, blankets, rugs (no rubber backs)
  • Zip Lock bags of all sizes (gallon, sandwich & snack)
  • postage stamps, ball point pens, highlighters, Sharpies, paper clips, staples, scotch tape and spiral-bound 3-hole notebooks



  • Heat packs
  • replacement “hearts” and batteries (Silver Oxide SR44 1.5 volt batteries) for the SnuggleKitties and SnugglePuppies.



  • Walking/Exercising/Playing with dogs
  • construct climbing and perching places in our cat adoption room
  • paint murals in our cat adoption room
  • regularly commit to help clean and scrub the cat rooms on weekday mornings (any time between 7 a.m. – noon).

The Black Tooth Brewery will host the Growlers For Growlers event on Friday, September 16

growlers4growlers2016The Black Tooth Brewery will host the Growlers For Growlers event on Friday, September 16 to benefit the Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter. Attendees are encouraged to fill “growlers” to support the Shelter’s animals and $5.00 from each growler sale will go to the shelter. Brats and fixings will be served during Yappy Hours: 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for $5.00.

Tickets are being sold for the ultimate Bronco package which will be drawn at this event. The raffle will include two tickets to any regular season game, two Broncos hoodies and two hats, an NFL football, Snickers candy bars, and a $250.00 VISA gift card for travel.

Tickets will be on sale at the shelter’s Third Thursday booth on Thursday the 15 and currently on sale at the shelter. They will be sold for $10.00 each or three for $20.00.


Kitten Shower June 18th

The Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter will host its first ‘Kitten Shower’ at the shelter on Saturday, June 18 from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
With kitten season beginning, and litters of kittens arriving at the shelter, the party is being held to raise awareness of the need of our shelter kittens and to gather donations of supplies that are needed for the care of kittens.

The kitten shower will be held in the shelter board room and refreshments will be provided. Attendees of all ages are welcome to drop-in at anytime during the party hours to visit with shelter staff, meet shelter kittens, learn about fostering opportunities for small kittens and meet our resident animals.
Some suggested donations include: milk replacement, turkey or chicken Stage 1 baby food, gift cards that can be used for supplies, cans of Iams, Nutro or Sheba brand canned kitten Pate food, clay cat litter.

In addition, we are in urgent need of small #357/303 batteries for the electronic “Snuggle Kitten” heart. These small devices replicate the sound of a mother cat’s heartbeat which provides comfort to orphaned kittens that are being bottle fed.

For questions about the party, please contact the shelter at 674-7694.


Calendar Contest entries end NOV 11th


1 – Enter the contest before Nov 11th! Entry fee is $16/each, no limit.  Read the guidelines first, so you can be assured your photos appear in the calendar is the best quality possible. [GUIDELINES]

2- After all the photos have been processed, VOTING WILL BEGIN!!

This is a fundraiser to benefit the Dog and Cat Shelter.

Exceptional Giving Young Man


I had the great pleasure of meeting Haiden today when he came into the Shelter with a hand decorated goodie jar and a handful of cash for us. You see, Haiden recently turned 11 and he asked everyone for donations for the animals at the Shelter in lieu of gifts for himself. Haiden is an exceptional young man that is filled with compassion, generosity and kindness for all living things. Woofs, Wags & Meows, Haiden.

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