Success Stories

Zeto, Suki and Baby Boy find happy homes

ZetoZeto has been a wonderful addition to his new family. He is a really good dog and they have had no problems house-training him. He does enjoy jumping up on the couch which gets him in trouble, but is making progress in his training to stay off of the furniture. He also has three feline friends that he gets along with quite well. Zeto loves his new family, two and four legged!



Suki (now Maya) was adopted to a wonderful family. She had adjusted quite nicely and was sweet and loving. Her only problem was that she would wander around the house yowling, and it seemed she was looking for something. Her owners were told that Maya was surrendered with another cat, Baby Boy which Maya would check on daily while at the shelter. Maya’s owners came up to the shelter the next day and adopted Baby Boy! Maya no longer yowls on her jaunts through the house now that she has been reunited with her friend. Baby Boy (now Leo) is doing great with Maya and their new family in their furrever home.

Bozeman Writes Back

To my dear friends at Dog and Cat Shelter,

I have been in my home for month now, and have come to love my human. I was always on patrol during the first week, while I learned my new world. My person introduced me to many people and situations starting the very evening that we arrived.

We had to turn around when we got to my new home and return to Gillette, to have dinner with a friend, who met me and thought that I was beautiful. The next day, we hosted a big dinner for the family and everyone introduced themselves to me, and the little humans sat with me and played with me under “Mom’s” watchful eye. We walk through town every night, to go to the Post Office, visiting everybody as we go. We walk around the high school and down a few blocks every morning before the sun rises, and up a county road running out of town, near our home, during our lunch break, as well.

I showed my “mom” how well behaved I had become at the door, when we prepared for our walks, by sitting and waiting for her to hook my lead to my collar. She told me that I am a very fine fellow, and of course, I totally agree. It was nice that she recognized my quality, though.

Right now, we are in Douglas, spending the weekend with family and friends. I spent my first night in a hotel last night and no one got much sleep as I heard every little thing in the hall outside of our room. Everything was cool though, Mom would just whisper to me that I was a good boy and it was okay, so I figured she would know, and went back to sleep until the next sound had to explained.

The only sad part of our first couple of weeks together relates to the cat, Little Bit. She tried to become my friend, but I just could not allow her near my new person, and tried to snap her in two. She still lives near her mom, but stays outside, so I can live with that. Mom said that she had already come to love me too, so she arranged things to keep me always. My protectiveness goes beyond Little Bit, I will attack other dogs when they try to get too close to my human, but she talks to me and lets me know that I am safe with her, but that behavior is not appropriate. I try very hard for my mom, because I love her.

I am happy, and my mom is, too. Who knew we would find each other when I had waited so long.

Thank you all for taking care of me so well until my person could come for me.


We have to go meet everybody for coffee and a walk for us furry family members, so I had better sign off for now.

So long,


P.S.  We had to attend a funeral today and had to feed 18 people in our little home afterward. Mom said she was very proud of me as I walked among the guests, checking on their comfort, before returning to Mom.

Marty meets a friend


Marty has settled into our home very nicely. He is so sweet & so well-behaved, we are amazed that his original owners never came to claim him & surprised that no one else adopted him for three long months, but maybe he was just meant to join our family!  Thank you again for all you do for the animals there at the Shelter & especially for taking care of Marty!!   Here are picture ofs Zeke & Marty, new best friends. They are beginning to really enjoy each other.  Pam

Marty_newhome1_small   Marty_newhome2_small

Dilbert, astray no more

Dilbert_smallDilbert is a large shorthaired orange and white tabby who came in as a stray. He was very sweet and loved to be with people, and only stayed with us for three months.   His new family says he is an awesome pet.  He took a little time getting used to the dog in his home but now likes to rub up against him, so things are going well.  We knew he would be a wonderful pet!!

Reggie Dr of Dance

Reggie_smallReggie, a solid black shorthair, came into the Shelter when he was only fifteen days old. He is.  He, along with several siblings, grew up here in the Shelter because they were brought with their mother.  He did very well and grew into a fun and playful kitten.  He was here with us for six months, and every morning he would jump on our backs and snuggle into our hair and ears.  To say the least, staff members fell in love with him, but we were very happy when he was adopted.  And they LOVE him.  They re-named him Dr. Reggie Meowington because the daughter feels he is a Doctor of Dance because he jumps so high.  He is just such a good cat and has taken over the home.  He goes right up to the dog and meows at him.  He has a favorite toy and carries it all over the house.  He has figured out the laser pointer and tries to steal it!!  He sometimes feels he needs human food.  What a great home for a great kitten

Update on furby Lil’ Bit

LittleBit_NewHome_smallDear Shelter Staff,

Here is an update for you from your favorite furby, Lil’ Bit.  We’ve moved to this place called Arizona where it’s warm all the time.  I love it!  It’s a nice big house with lots of windows low enough for me to look out of.  There is also a tree in front of our house where lots of birds perch and sing.  I really like the red and black birds and the tiny blue ones, too.  I call to them all the time when I sit in the window bird watching.  I have lots of toys, too, including a big kitty playground that Dad made, and the laser light.  Oh, I have a new brother and sister too.  Dad rescued them fro the roof of a friend’s house.  He said they were born on the roof but couldn’t stay there.  I wasn’t sure about them at first, but I love to play with them now.  Their names are Celest aka cuddlg=e Bug (a tortie) and Bandit (a gray tabby).  Mom even took a picture of all of us when we were in the cat tree.  I’m so spoiled here with my humans. I hope Santa Paws gives the Shelter animals lots of presents and that you all have a Merry Catmas (Christmas).

Lots of love,

Lil’ Bit

P.S.  Celeste, bandit, Chase (the cats), Brandy and Paris (the dogs) say Merry Christmas too!

I hope you enjoy the update from our family.  Lil’ Bit wasn’t fond of the car ride down here, but he has adjusted and is doing well with the rest of our family.  Our family grew as you learned from the letter.  The kittens were rescued a week before our move down here.  They were three weeks old at the time.  They adore their big brothers and sisters.  Brandy mothers them constantly, giving them baths. Lil’ Bit will do the same if she isn’t around.  J  We coud’nt be happier with all our four-legged kids (and our two legged ones).  They are quiet spoiled and complain if they don’t get their way.  Here is a picture of Lil’ Bit with his siblings.  He takes his big brother responsibilities very seriously.


Murphy becomes a great Buddy

Our new dog – Buddy        (Murphy)

Murphy_head2_smallIn August, 2013 we adopted Murphy, an adult, male Border Collie mix, from the Dog & Cat Shelter.  He was advertised as a very gentle soul, and needed a gentle owner.  My wife and I are seniors.  We are either home or traveling . . . None of this “going to work and leaving our pets alone all day”, and when we are traveling our dog is with us if at all possible.

The folks at the Shelter called him Murphy, as he was found as a stray.  We know too many Murphy’s and he’s my buddy; thus, “Buddy” fit for us.  Buddy is a wonderful companion and friend.  His main objective is to please his people.  He can be walked with no leash and stick right along our side.  If a rabbit or cat runs across his path he pays no attention to them.  He has never barked although he is capable of voice, he whimpers at some dogs and sometimes late at night in his dreams, he will howl like a coyote.  He does not jump on people, does not get up on the furniture, does not try to sleep with us, does not venture out of the yard without us.  He is the best dog we have ever had.  He licks young children to death and when he has had enough attention he goes to his bed.  When we travel, he curls up in the van, or back seat of the pickup, and stays in that spot.  He will not leave the vehicle unless we call him.  We are so happy we have him.  Our thanks to the Dog & Cat Shelter for their total effort to place these animals in new homes.

V & C

Woody the cat

Woody_smallWhen we found out our oldest cat, my therapy cat, was going to be crossing the Rainbow Bridge, I went to the Shelter to see if they had a cat that needed a home as we needed a hole in our hearts filled. They had the most wonderful cat. Woody came home with us on Tuesday. Since then he has become a member of our family and my son’s best friend. Thank you to all of you at the Shelter that made this addition possible. Woody, now Finn, will have a wonderful life being spoiled and loved by all of us, especially my son who Finn has claimed wholeheartedly.

Coon Sky found a running partner

Sky_head7_smallSky, a young Coonhound, was surrendered by her owners due their child’s medical condition. Sky did great with other dogs, cats and kids of all ages.  We just knew it would not take long to find her a home and sure enough, she waited less than a month for a new home. A very nice college student who needed a running partner came in just to check out what was up for adoption.  Sky, with her energy level and need for an active home, caught her eye right away. When we introduced them they hit it off immediately. Now Sky goes running every day.

Bacon the gray white tabby finds happy home

Bacon_smallBacon is an eighteen-month-old shorthaired white and gray tabby.  When he first came to us, we just knew he would be adopted quickly because he was such a wonderful cat.  Incredibly, he stayed with us for almost 6 months, but when his new family found him, Bacon was very excited!!!  Now called “Beacon”, he loves playing catch with the wife.  He has gone outside and has no problem coming back inside.  He climbs trees in the yard and likes to spend time down by the creek.  He’s on light food because he needs to lose some weight and he is eating it very well.  Bacon is very happy and so glad to have a loving, caring family.