Coffee: Grounds for Adoption

The ROAST! Story:

Coffee LabelsEleven years ago, Jim and Caren Smith ordered a small home roaster after sampling freshly roasted coffee for the first time.  “The beans were roasted Saturday and we drank the coffee Sunday morning,” said Jim Smith.  “It was a whole new experience, truly.  There is nothing like fresh coffee – there is so much more flavor than what you find in that stuff form a can on a grocery shelf. “  Three years later, in 2004, they opened ROAST! Coffee, which has become very popular in the Sheridan area.  They offer highest-quality green coffee beans roasted to their greatest flavor potential by true craftspeople and then properly brewed to well-established standards.  They buy green beans from green coffee brokers who buy the beans from the actual growers in Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Hawaii, Kenya, Sumatra and Peru.  For more information and a list of their other available blends, see their website,  We really thank Jim & Caren for creating a special blend just for the Shelter!!!

Coffee beans roasted at the foot of the Bighorns * Sheridan, WY


Roast! Coffee