Wish List

Dog & Cat Shelter Wish List:

Donations for our pet spay-neuter assistance fund.

High quality (non dusty) Cat Litter (preferably wood pellets). We use a ton a month.

Relaxation DVD’s that would attract and entertain cats in our adoption room (fish swimming, birds singing, etc.)

Cat-proof CD players (for stress-reducing music in our cat rooms)

Donations for our feral cat spay/neuter and vaccination program

Feliway diffusers (for cats) & DAP collars & diffusers for dogs – for stressed animals

Buckle collars for dogs, especially those that adjust from 16″ – 22″ and 18″ – 24″.

Interactive Food Toys for our dogs: Kibble Nibble, Atomic Treat Ball, Tricky Treat Ball, Tug-A-Jug, Kong Wobble or Buster Cube.

Large and extra-large collapsible wire dog crates

Volunteers to walk dogs on our paved walking path and throw the ball in our exercise areas

Donations to put roofs over the dog exercise areas ($24,000; we have $16,000 to go!).

Canned human tuna & chicken, jars of chicken baby food, and baby rice cereal (for baby kittens)

Gentle Leader Harnesses (large and extra large sizes) for walking dogs

Chew bones, rawhide bones, large Kong toys, and lots of dog treats

Catnip and other cat treats, cat toys

Donations to build our puppy nursery. Prices have gone up so much that, when we went to build it this summer, we found the cost had doubled. We need another $30,000 to go with what we’ve already raised.

Volunteers to construct climbing and perching places in our cat adoption room

Cat trees, scratching posts & condos

Portable exercise pens, 48” high (these are great to have on hand to loan to puppy fosterers)

Heavy duty sewing scissors for cutting sheets/blankets into cage-sized pieces for one-time use in the cat stray and cart iso rooms

Large and X-Large collapsible/movable wire dog crates

Kitty herbs and grasses planted in containers for our outdoor cat exercise area

Tall laundry baskets with wheels

FroliCat Laser Toy (interactive laser toy) for cats

6’ diameter simple kiddie wading pools so our dogs can splash & cool off on hot days

Volunteers to paint murals in our cat adoption room

Kitten and puppy milk replacer

Donations for heatpacks, replacement “hearts” and batteries (Silver Oxide SR44 1.5 volt batteries run the                                  “hearts”) for the SnuggleKitties and SnugglePuppies. We use a lot of these! We make bulk orders. Heavy duty brooms, dust mops and dustpans

Commercial-grade mop buckets on wheels

Stainless steel food & water bowls for dogs and cats (also cage hangers for cat cages)

Towels, blankets, rugs—as long as they don’t have rubber backings

Poop bags for our dog walkers to carry

Zip Lock baggies of all sizes (especially gallon, sandwich & snack)

Canned pumpkin (not pie filling!)

Kookamunga Cat Beds or Fish Cat Tunnels

Office supplies: postage stamps, ball point pens, highlighters, Sharpies, paper clips, staples, scotch tape and spiral-bound 3-hole notebooks

Volunteers who could regularly commit to help clean and scrub the cat rooms on weekday mornings (any time between 7 a.m. – noon). As full of cats as we are, the best way to keep them healthy is to keep their environment extremely clean. We would love some help.

And most importantly, your involvement!

Come see us.